Posted by Aaron Bunch on May 2 2021

Withholding information - simply don't do it. We have had a rash of this lately of people who don't bother to mention that their 1991 MR2 has a gen5 motor in it, or that the MR2 part they ordered is being installed in a converted ST182 Celica or that the Gen2 turbo kit they ordered is supposed fit an AW11. That stuff isn't normal and we cannot psychically obtain that information reliably. You need to let us know these things or you are going to get the wrong parts. We are US based, the "normal" for us is a 1991-1995 Gen2 MR2 Turbo. If your car or motor or transmission is differnet and it's not already covered in the item description please let us know so that we can do our best to get you the right parts.