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Turbo throttle Cable

NEW Throttle Cables for Gen 2/3 or Gen 4!

ATS Cold Start Injector Block Off

Save $11 Goes great with our new TFFR Combo Kit

Top Feed Fuel System Combo

SAVE $100 on our NEW TFFR Combo kit

ATS PNP ECU from ECU Master

ECUMaster EMU Black Friday SALE!!


Link PNP ECU's for 3sgte MR2 and Celica 2nd and 3rd gen, on sale for the month of November!! $999 get yours now!!

Exhaust Manifolds

NEW from ATS Racing - Top Mount Turbo Exhaust Manifold with Downpipe

ATS Racing 2.3L Stroker Assembled Short Block

ATS 2.3L stroker now available!

Cool Tools

NEW Cool Tools!

ATS Racing Intake Manifold

After years of R&D we have finalized the ultimate intake manifold for the 91-95 Toyota MR2. Dyno results show a HP and TQ increase after 3700 RPM all the way to an 8000 RPM redline with zero losses before 3700 RPM.

ATS BILLET CT27 250-370 horsepower

Finally a 300rwhp CT26 upgrade. So different from other CT26 upgrades we had to call it the CT27. ATS Racing machines not only the compressor side of the turbocharger to fit a T04E compressor wheel, but also performs CNC operations on the exhaust housing that are dyno proven to increase flow.

ATS Precision Turbo Kits

ATS Racing turbo kits featuring Precision Turbochargers are now available straight off our website.

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Eagle 3SGTE Rods

Price: $399.00 $375.00

You save 6%!


ATS Racing Phenolic Intake Spacer Gen 3

Price: $85.00 $75.00

You save 11%!


ATS Racing Side Mount Intercooler

Price: $599.00 $499.00

You save 16%!


Top Feed Fuel System Combo

Price: $795.00 $695.00

You save 12%!


ATS PNP ECU from ECU Master

Price: $1200.00 $975.00

You save 18%!

Latest News

18-Apr-2017 by Aaron:

This excellent article is from our friends over at Forced Performance. It is written for 4G63 owners, but it 100% applies to all CT series upgrades. We use Valvoline VR-1 Race oil in all of our personal MR2's. http://store.forcedperformance.net/merchant2/graphics/news/Forced%20Performance%20Recommendations%20for%20Motor%20Oil.pdf So for the cliffs notes crowd out there, here is the summary: Do not use Mobil1 10w30 or any other “on highway” GF-4 oil in your 4G63 motor with any high output stock appearing turbo. Use a suitable racing oil designed for high film strength and heavy pressure loading such as Brad Penn, Joe Gibbs, Valvoline VR1, Amsoil Racing oil or Royal Purple racing oil. Also remember that racing oils are detergent free and need to be changed frequently. (I need to add a note that not all Royal Purple or Amsoil oils offer race level protection)

04-Oct-2016 by Aaron:

International Shipping Update: USPS has lost nearly $8000 of our merchandise in the last 90 days. This is a staggering loss to a small company like us. We can no longer ship USPS daily for items over $200. Items or order totals over $200 have to be hand delivered to the post office and additional insurance purchased. Because of the extra time and costs involved we have to raise our international shipping prices. We apologize and thank you for your understanding.

11-Apr-2016 by Aaron:

NEW Clutch Pedal Rebuild kits and OEM Clutch Master Cylinders available in the Drivetrain/Clutches section under parts.

03-Jul-2014 by Aaron:

Unfortunately ATS Racing has to institute a return policy. You cannot expect to order parts for your car show/event and then return them afterwards for a full refund. We are implementing a 15% restocking fee on normally stocked ATS items. Any items with non-stocked or specialty components are a 20% restocking fee (i.e. turbo kits, pistons). Any custom items such as special compression ratio pistons, 3S pistons above 86.5mm bore, Big Bore 88mm pistons, custom work, tuning, is non-returnable. Returned items must be sent in as-new condition. Please make eligible returns within 60 days of your original purchase. We apologize to our loyal customers and ask for your understanding.

03-Dec-2012 by Scott:

ATS Racing is proud to now be using My Shop Assist http://www.myshopassist.com/ For scheduling and tracking current projects. It allows us to keep our customers up to date on their projects, and gives us a much better idea of scheduling both for customers and technicians.

30-Jul-2012 by Scott:

Who says you can't drift an MR2? Hugo Soto, one of customers from Spain just sent this video to us... Hugo Drifting MR2 Hugo is running an ATS 2.2L Stroker, ATS GT3071 turbo kit, Apexi Power FC ECU.

07-Sep-2011 by Scott:

Shipping Estimate now available in Shopping Cart.

07-Sep-2011 by Scott:

ATS Top Mount Turbo Manifolds and Downpipes IN STOCK! Ready to ship. Buy now! Boost tomorrow! ATS Top Mount Manifolds

21-Aug-2011 by Aaron:

Air Filters and Intakes added to the Parts page. Choose 3.5 or 4" intakes for your MR2.

14-Jul-2010 by Scott:

ATS Racing Intake Manifold makes over 700RWHP!

01-Sep-2007 by Aaron:

Scott McClendon joins ATS Racing full time

14-Jun-2007 by Aaron:

Horsepower from just changing your oil? Yes!!

read more

22-Dec-2006 by Aaron:

Greddy style intercooler shroud and 9" fan available now!

26-Nov-2005 by Aaron:

Pricing for complete buildups posted

22-Sep-2005 by Aaron:

ATS Turbo + ECU + Fuel Combo kits now available. Save big!

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