Cam Position Sensor Kit

Cam position sensor.


If you have gone to a stand alone ECU this is half of what you need to eleminate your distributor. The other half is a crank trigger wheel. 


The cam trigger attaches to the back of the intake camshaft with two set screws. In all of our test motors we have been able to install the trigger without removing the cam, but because of tight clearances and minor casting differences we can't 100% gurantee that yet. 


The trigger piece has a different ID to match the cam you select, that is why we need to know what camshaft you have.


The cam position sensor screws into the new Cam Cap Block. Put some RTV under it when you install it. You will need to set a sensor gap of .020 inches and then tighten the lock nut. 


We are including a Hall effect type sensor as these work really well even at low rpm. The wiring is as follows: blue is sensor ground, brown is +12V, and black is the cam signal to your ecu.






Price: $269.00

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