2GR V6 Swap

The swap that is taking over the MR2 world, and it's easy to see why. 275whp with OEM Toyota Camry/Sienna/Highlander/RAV4 driveability and reliability!

With the prices we've seen 2GR MR2s sell for, it seems silly to put any money into your 2 liter anymore. Why spend so much  catching up on neglected maintenance when you could instead add thousands of dollars of value to your car with a 2GR swap?

Oh, did we mention we're making up to 700whp on a stock 2GR with our oilless turbo kits? This swap has lots of room to grow in the future.


2GR Engine w/ all required sensors/pieces (sometimes this can add quite a bit to the engine costs if you do it yourself because most engines come pretty stripped down)
Wiring harness conversion
ATS 3" MAF pipe
ATS ECU reflash to remove immobilizer and optimize performance
Frankenstein cast headers
TCS Equal length y-pipe mated to your exhaust
ATS Stage 1 Clutch Kit
Modified Flywheel
Tachometer modification for COP
Returnless fuel system conversion
New Denso MAF sensor
New Denso O2 sensors
New Denso Alternator
New NGK spark plugs
All new fluids (coolant, VR1 oil, Synchromesh MTF)

This price is to install the 2GR into either a non turbo chassis while retaining the S54 transmission, or into a turbo chassis using the E153 Turbo transmission. If you wish to swap to an E351 or E153, the listed options include all supporting parts, axles, mounts, hubs, etc.

Price: $9,999.00

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