ATS Engine Swaps

ATS Engine Swaps

Engine swaps are taking over the MR2 world. Our original engines are so old now that the neglected maintenance quickly adds up. You will at some point find yourself with a choice. $4000 for a timing belt, seals, and a new turbo, or pay $6000 more for a 2GR swap that will add over $6000 of value to your car, make more power, and require only very basic maintenance. Maybe it's not so extreme this time, but your original engine will continue to require timing belts for its entire life. Why not just bite the bullet now? It's easy to see why so many people are going this route.


All ATS swaps come with a 30 day warranty.

ATS swap history

ATS Racing did their first turbo engine swap in August 2000. Since then we have done over 260 swaps. We have installed all years/generations of JDM 3S-GTE motors into all years of MKI and MKII MR2's. Don't trust your car to a hack mechanic. We've done over a dozen swap repair jobs (botched wiring and incomplete JDM swaps/clips are usually to blame). Call or e-mail us to discuss your needs.

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