2GR Turbo Budget Swap! 450whp!

Our 3SGTE 450whp price has gone up significantly in the last few years, but the Complete 650whp 2GR build isn't for everyone. Now we have a 2GR Turbo package that will fill the gap in performance and price. This is thanks to the ability to tune the stock 2GR ECU for this application. The best part is, we can always upgrade to a standalone plug and play Link ECU and flex fuel for 650whp in the future.


Price includes a complete 2GR swap plus:

On3 GT37R sized oilless ball bearing turbo
V band exhaust housing
inlet and outlet flanges and clamps
ON3 V-band 44mm wastegate
Intercooler core
10" IC fan
Intake piping kit aluminum
Bosch 600cc injector set of 6
stage 4 clutch
Straight pipe exhaust out passenger side
Sard 68c thermostat
Labor and tuning


There is a discount listed for cars that are already 2GR swapped. This assumes you already have FMW cast headers, a TCS y-pipe, and a Sienna ECU. If you have any questions about turboing your 2GR swap, email sales@atsracing.net


Consider a 2GR Engine Rebuild. We have seen a few crack ringlands due to very tight factory ring gaps. This is primarily a concern on pump gas due to higher cylinder temperatures, however is still possible on E85 with prolonged abuse.





Optional Dual Exhaust with Cutout (Quietest)


Optional Exhaust with Vibrant Muffler



Price: $18,999.00

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