AW11 2ZR Swap

Price is for a complete turn-key 2ZRFE engine swap into an 85-89 MR2, with related regular maintenance items replaced and dyno testing included.


For any 2ZR swap questions, or if you're sending us a disassembled car, email


2ZR Engine w/ all required sensors/pieces (sometimes this can add quite a bit to the engine costs if you do it yourself because most engines come pretty stripped down)

09-13 Corolla non-XRS manual transmission - internally gated 5 speed with taller highway 4th and 5th ratios

2ZR ECU, modified to raise rev limiter, optimize power and delete unnecessary codes

98-02 Corolla exhaust manifold, modified with 2.5" v-band

Custom 2.5" exhaust adapted to your muffler

Custom 2.5" MAF pipe

Custom passenger side motor mount by Hux Racing

Modified wiring harness by Wiregap

New Exedy clutch

Denso rebuilt alternator

Returnlesss fuel system conversion

Tachometer modification for COP ignition


This swap delivers a dead reliable 130+whp on 87 octane fuel. Shown below is a 2ZRFE compared to a healthy 4AGE on our dyno. Note that this has the optional ACIS intake manifold that smooths and improves the power band.


In the near future we will have a 200whp turbo 2ZR offering, for around $3500 more. It will continue to utilize a stock ECU, so there is little additional expense to upgrade an existing 2ZR swap.


Price: $7,199.00

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