Gen3 Swap

The ATS Racing premium swap package includes

  • JDM Gen3 3S-GTE Engine
  • JDM E153 LSD Transmission
  • Axles and hubs
  • Wiring harness with ECU and all necessary sensors
  • JDM CT20B Ceramic Turbine Turbocharger
  • Intercooler and Pipes with BOV
  • 3" Motoria Dual Muffler Dual Tip Primary Cat Back Exhaust
  • High Performance Intercooler Fan
  • Manual Boost Controller
  • Eliminate Fuel Cut
  • Dyno Test/Tune (set boost/timing only)

Installed, Tested and 30 Day Guarantee* 

Advantages of the Gen3 engine include: faster/smarter ECU, no flappy air flow meter (MAP sensor based ecu), 20% larger fuel injectors, better turbocharger, better flowing exhaust elbow, better intake manifold, better exhaust manifold, larger throttle body, larger intake cam, improved exhaust cam timing, and better flowing cylinder head ports.


Current Gen3 pricing is subject to engine availability. Please email before purchase.

Price: $6,700.00

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