Crank Position Sensor kit for Gen2 and 5S OEM Type

This crank trigger option is great if you are building your engine or like doing timing belts and oil pans for fun. It does offer the advantage of OEM type reliability, and that the crank sensor won't get hit by random road debris. Definitely your best choice if you are willing to put in the wrench time. This fits Gen1/2 3S blocks, as well as 5S blocks using a gen2 oil filter location. This does not fit a Gen3/4/5 engine.


Kit includes:

ATS Racing High Volume Oil Pump

36-2 crankshaft timing gear

Crank Position Sensor

Crank Position Sensor Connector


ALL ATS Racing HV pumps sold to date have the provision for the sensor, so if you already have one you can exclude that from the kit.




Price: $409.00


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