ATS Flywheel Kit for 2GR

We use these modified MR2 turbo flywheels on every single disk clutch 2GR swap we do. I know you like the idea of a lightweight flywheel, but this isn't a 100hp 1.6L 4 cylinder. The 2GR doesn't even notice the extra weight and the little bit of extra weight improves the driveability.


Includes flywheel bolts and presssure plate bolts. Use red loctite on the flywheel bolts and tighten to 70ftlbs. Loctite is not necessary on the pressure plate bolts, but won't hurt. Those go to 18ftlbs.


Send your MR2 TURBO flywheel back for a $100 refund. Do NOT send us a 5SFE flywheel.

Price: $379.00

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