2GR DBW Throttle Pedal Corrector

These are in the manufacturing process and are expected to ship in the first week of March2024.


Every 2GR owner remembers having to get used to the touchy throttle pedal. Even once you're used to it, they're difficult to drive smooth on bumpy roads.


We're now offering a plug and play solution that significantly improves the driveability. Simply plug in this harness between your pedal and the harness, or do the same in the trunk if you have a Wiregap harness.


This is specifically designed to work with a stock ECU 2GR SW20 with the newest Frankenstein pedal kit. We have also tested it with our AW11 DBW Pedal Kit on a 2ZR swap. We do not recommend it for Spyder swaps, or any standalone ECU application.


The graph below shows the throttle body opening compared to pedal position. Red is stock, blue is with our corrector.



Does not include pedal.


Price: $99.00

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