Top Feed Fuel System Combo

This is a complete top feed fuel system upgrade:

1 ATS Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit (Gen2 or Gen3)

1 set of four top feed injectors 

1 fuel feed line with filter adapter - plug-n-play to our rail no cutting hoses/installing fittings

1 ATS FPR adapter - use your oem FPR with our rail - this part alone saves your over $200 in buying/making lines/fittings, etc. We have tested this at 550whp.

4 feet of 1/4 fuel return hose

2 feet of 1/8 vacuum hose for FPR

4 injector connectors  - PNP wiring upgrade available as well

1 GENUINE (I can't stress this enough) Walbro fuel pump

This is our go-to 500+whp fuel parts in one easy combo.


UPDATE 8/25/2015 - added additional injector options for combo kit

Price: $795.00

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