Top Feed Fuel System Combo

This is a complete top feed fuel system upgrade:

100% E85 Compatible

1 ATS Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit (Gen2 or Gen3)

1 set of four top feed injectors 

1 fuel feed line with filter adapter - plug-n-play to our rail no cutting hoses/installing fittings

1 ATS FPR adapter - use your oem FPR with our rail - this part alone saves your over $200 in buying/making lines/fittings, etc. We have tested this at 550whp.

4 feet of 1/4 fuel return hose

2 feet of 1/8 vacuum hose for FPR

4 injector connectors  - PNP wiring upgrade available as well

1 GENUINE (I can't stress this enough) Walbro fuel pump

This is our go-to 500+whp fuel parts in one easy combo.


All ID injectors and the 875cc injectors are high impedance. You should remove the injector resistor pack with these. Cut the connecter off the resister pack and connect all five wires to each other to send switched 12V directly to the injectors.


Gen4/5 option added - Gen4 rail option uses no lower cups, and special bottom o-rings. PNP adapters will not work with gen4 or 5 harness. You will need to cut, strip, crimp the new connectors on.


UPDATE 8/25/2015 - added additional injector options for combo kit

UPDATE 4/6/2021 - added ID injector options, 875cc option, and external regulator option, Gen4 rail option uses no lower cups, and special bottom o-rings.

Price: $795.00

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