Complete 2GR TURBO swap: 800hp! 600+whp!

450whp on 93 pump gas, 600whp on E85


In 2020 if you asked me what it cost to build a 600whp MR2 the answer was upwards of $35,000. But with the 2GR we have been hitting up to 650whp with a stock long block. This saves THOUSANDS of dollars over rebuild a 3SGTE/5SGTE or Honda K series motor. 


Price includes a complete 2GR swap plus:

Comp 6265 oilless ball bearing turbo
V band exhaust housing
inlet and outlet flanges and clamps
Comp grease
ON3 V-band 44mm wastegate
Intercooler core
Maradyne IC fan
Intake piping kit aluminum
PnP Link Extreme G4X ECU
ID1300X injector set of 6
Walbro Hellcat pump and installation harness
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Dual exhaust with single polished muffler and boost-activated cutout
intake air temp sensor
Flex fuel sensor
Oil pressure & temp sensor and ECU safety
Fuel pressure sensor and ECU safety
Stage 4 clutch
Wideband O2
Labor and tuning


Consider a 2GR Engine Rebuild. We have seen a few crack ringlands due to very tight factory ring gaps. This is primarily a concern on pump gas due to higher cylinder temperatures, however is still possible on E85 with prolonged abuse.






Price: $23,999.00

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