ACIS Cap for 2GRFE


What you will receive :

-3D Printed ACIS Cap to replace the existing cap

-Superglue to re-seal the cap

-a wood screw to assist with OEM cap removal

-detailed instructions

-confidence that your 2GR is performing to its potential



This product has been developed for MR2s using the 2GRFE engine, and that are experiencing a late opening of the ACIS Valve causing significant power loss in the midrange. On engines with the #3 intake manifold and using the Frankenstein Motorworks ECU, we have seen as much as a 25HP gain from approximately 4100RPM until redline. The dyno graph below shows run #5 as a before run that was done about a year previously and conditions were a little better than when run #12 with the ACIS Mod was done. This Mod will only help if your engine is showing the same jump in power around 6500 RPM. If you have a dyno of your engine and you see the tell-tale jump in power you NEED this part.


Dyno of #3 manifold with and without ACIS Cap Mod on stock ECU:

#3 manifold ACIS CAP vs OEM with stock ECU


With a LINK G4+ or G4X ECU the results are more impressive given the abilty to change the activation point, and the additional airflow and horsepower gained from VVTi, Lambda, and timing adjustments available. We think the bigger losses on the Link car are due to the Link using MAP instead of MAF and that causes the losses to appear worse. It could be tuned out, but instead we just fix the airflow problem and not worry about it again.

Dyno of #3 Manifold with and without ACIS Cap Mod on Link Xtreme ECU:

ACIS on #3 manifold with Link ECU


Your eyes are NOT deceiving you, that's a 50 HP gain. We were previously fixing this issue with a dual relay setup to reverse polarity on the ACIS Valve, but that is a solution that is less attractive than this simple ACIS cap replacement. 



Price: $30.00

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