Complete 2GR Turbo kit with fuel, ecu, exhaust, intercooler

Complete 2GR turbo kit with turbo, fuel, ecu, exhaust and intercooler.  If you already have a 2GR swap and you want it to move out like no other, this is the turn-key one-click item you want. Price includes installation and tuning! You have the option of shipping the car to us for installation and tuning, or you can have us send the entire kit to you for install, and then send the completed car to us for tuning. You can chose your own tuner (but no one has the tuning experience on these that we do). Your ecu will still come with a base map.  Bolts to a TCS Y-pipe for Frankenstein cast headers, if you have a different y-pipe we'll have to modify it to connect to the turbo.


Comp 6265 oilless ball bearing turbo
exhaust housing
inlet and outlet flanges
Comp grease
Tial MVR
air filter
air filter sock
Intercooler core
Maradyne IC fan
Intake piping kit aluminum
PnP Link Extreme G4X ECU
Injector Dynamics ID1300XDS (set of 6) with clips and pins
Walbro Hellcat pump and installation harness
additional fuel line, fitting, filter
Dual exhaust with single polished muffler and boost-activated cutout
hanger material, turbo inlet material
intake air temp sensor
Flex fuel sensor


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Price: $14,500.00

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