420hp Rom Tune + Fuel Combo - unavailable

This is a great plug-n-play upgrade for owners of the GT3071R, TD06, or T3/T4 turbo kits on your 91-95 MR2. This is for gen2 only, not gen3.


Kit includes custom rom tuned stock ecu. This does not eliminate the air flow meter like an aftermarket stand alone ecu, but it does optimize the tune for your application. Typically we see 300whp on these turbos with 550cc injectors and 93 octane pump gas. Add a set of cams and cam gears and that number is 330whp. Add some race gas and the dual map option and you've got enough fuel to support 360whp.


Kit includes:

rom tuned ecu

used, cleaned, 550cc side feed inejctors (supra or gen3 sw20)

ATS modified/blueprinted FPR

ATS modified Big Bore stock fuel rail

GENUINE Walbro 255HP fuel pump



Note: We are out of the now discontinued daughterboards.

Price: $1,750.00


(please call for purchase)

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