ATS Racing 2.1 Forged Big Bore Block

ATS 2.1 Big Bore


This is a very effective, but also budget friendly combination we are putting together for those looking for an upgraded built motor. These are a great choice for gen4/5 owners looking to move to the next step. The weak stock rods, and weak stock pistons are both upgraded, plus you get the thicker cylinder walls of the 5S block. Also there are no core charges. You don't have to ship your old motor to us!


93-96 5SFE block (we have used/tested these to 600+ whp)

ATS custom 87.5mm Big Bore pistons with Stage 2 wrist pins AND anti wear/friction coated skirts. 9:1 compression ratio for gen2 and 3, 9.5:1 compression ratio for gen4/5. (We have tested these to 600whp as well)

Gen2 or Gen3 stock rods (upgraded rods, such as Eagle are available and recommended for over 500whp/350 lb ft of torque)

86mm stock 3SGTE crankshaft

Blueprinted assembly by experts at ATS Racing


Power gains? YES. By increasing the bore size we really open up the flow of the intake and exhaust valves in the area between the open valve and the cylinder wall. Also the slight increase in compression ratio will help spool and turbo response, plus you get about 4% more displacement. Expect 10-20 more whp on pump gas (up to 250 more on E85/race gas because of durability), and 100-200rpm faster turbo spool. We are working to package the best gains with minimal hassles. You don't need the different rear main seal of a stroker crank, nor a modified flywheel or 5S flywheel bolts.


Note: the oil feed is different. It will not attach to the stock oil feed line. If you run an aftermarket turbo with a -4AN oil feed setup this is no problem. If you are stull using a stock turbo, or one of our upgraded CT16/21/27 turbos you will need us to modify a stock oil feed pipe for you.


Requires use of the ATS Racing 5SGTE MLS head gasket.


Modified Gen4/5 water pump that allows use of the stock gen4 oil cooler is available on exchange basis. This means you can still use your stock oil pan, stock oil cooler, stock water pump, and normal 3S flywheel bolts. We do these on an exchange basis for $50. You will be charged $150, but get $100 back when you send us your good condition, unmodified housing. If your old engine has died of rod knock/bearing damage/oil contamination you will need to replace your oil cooler to avoid passing the infection on to your new motor. 


Gen2 owners will need to run 5S water pump, water pipes, and oil cooler. (kit available in option list)


Gen3 owners should switch to the Gen4 oil cooler setup. 




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Price: $2,100.00

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