Gen3 and Gen4 Coolant Neck Adapter

ATS Racing GEN3, GEN4, and 3SGE Beams Coolant Neck Adapter

After doing several GEN4 swaps, we realized there had to be a better solution to the hard to find, and expensive Gen3 coolant necks.

We first tried modifying the Gen4 necks by welding on a coolant fill pipe, and while it worked great, it was too labor intensive, due to the thin cast aluminum they are made from. And welding used cast aluminum is not exactly easy, no matter how you prep it.

After a short dig through the ATS used parts inventory, we came up with a gen2 coolant neck, and an idea...

The very common Gen2 coolant neck shares the same center to center bolt pattern, as the gen3/4 and Beams engines, so the solution to us was obvious, make an adapter.

Our adapter is o-ring sealed, so no need to hunt down hard to find gaskets, and we provide 2 new studs and 3 new nuts (you can re-use one of the existing studs). You can either use a 4mm socket or double nut the existing studs to remove them. Install our replacement studs, the o-ringed adapter, and your Gen2 Coolant neck, snug down the new nuts, and done.

This adapter will allow the use of a Gen2 coolant neck on any Gen3, Gen4, or Beams 3SGE or 3SGTE.

Price: $50.00

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