ATS 2.2 DIY stroker kit

Against our better judgement we have decided to offer a stroker kit again. The last time we did this it was a disaster because of the lack of competent machine shops to bore and prep the blocks combined with assembly errors such as building your motor in a sandbox. However, dozens of you swear up and down that you can find a local guy who is some sort of machining guru who can do this properly for pennies. So here is what you get:

one machined 91mm stroker crank

one set of ACL Race Bearings appropriately sized to the crank - typically STD rods, and .010 oversized main bearings, and one set of thrust washers

one set of four Eagle or Manley rods with ARP bolts (brand depends on availability)

one 5S rear main seal

one set of our custom Wiseco stroker pistons with rings, wrist pins, and circlips - choose your bore size below

one ATS MLS head gasket - choose your block below


These are the same proven parts we use in our in-house stroker motors. It is up to you to verify that you or your machine shop bored the motor correctly and established the correct piston to cylinder wall clearances (.0035-.0040 inches in most cases), and that the engine and its oiling system were squeaky clean before you assembled it.

Price: $1,850.00

Bore size

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