Esprit Downpipe

Removing any emission control device is illegal and not intended for road use. If emissions in your area are a concern we have added a high flow catalytic converter option. On my personal cars I run the electric cut-out option. This gives the car an amazing  Jekyl and Hyde feeling. With the valve shut the car is very quiet and easy to cruise and does not offend the neighbors. With the valve opened MAXIMUM flow is achieved, but there is little noise control. We also added the option to buy an extra valve/motor assembly so you have a spare in the future.


TIG welding is an option. It's prettier and backpurged so it's stronger too.


A second O2 sensor bung is optional. Get this if you plan to run a wide band O2 gauge/sensor.


ATS Exotics 3" de-cat pipe. This replaces the factory downpipe and is available in a couple varieties for different turbochargers..




Price: $399.00


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