Esprit Intercooler Core

In 1989 the Lotus Chargecooler was revolutionary, but even the factory noted that it didn't take long to heat soak the small core.


The ATS Exotics chargecooler core is approximately 3 times the size of the original core. The benefits are better air flow through the core and more thermal mass to cool off intake air temps. Currently these come in three varieties: stock turbo (or stock turbo upgrade), GT30 turbo with internal wastegate (like WC Engineering or ATS Exotics turbos), or the GT30 with external wastegate and v-band housing (like used on our yellow Esprit with Alunox header).


Optional upgrade to 3/4 inch water inlet hose available. 


Installed with stock T3 turbocharger

Installed on stock turbo


Installed on a GT3071R turbo with external wastegate and Alunox header


GT30 Intercooler


Includes new throttle cable bracket, and the vacuum idle popper has to be removed for clearance (no one really wants to rev that high on a cold motor anyway)


Some trimming of the side vent is required, and the engine cover will no longer clear. See image below:


side vent clearance



Price: $899.00

What turbo are you using?

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