Esprit Billet Turbocharger

Stock Esprit turbo with upgraded billet compressor wheel. Our newest billet compressor wheel has extended tip and narrowed root features. The cliffnotes version is that this allows us to put a bigger blade without increasing the mass of the original compressor wheel. The weight is within 1 gram of the original wheel, and the flow is increased 30%. Because we can now move more air at a lower turbine shaft speed (because bigger blade), turbocharger lag is reduced.


Price includes a rebuild with new seals and bearings, 360 degree thrust bearing upgrade, plus balancing.  Pricing assumes your turbine shaft and bearing housing are reuseable with no damage. 


Dyno results coming soon.


Also available outright as a full  CHRA cartridge, but no housings, reuse your housings.


billet wheel


Shown with optional heat blanket. Heat blanket provides marginally faster spool and cooler intercooler temps.



Price: $800.00

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