Electronic Fuel Injection for 2V cars

EFI conversion includes a modern stand alone ECU. I like the ECUMaster Black. It's loaded with features and has room for expansion too. You also get 48lb/500cc top feed injectors with stainless bodies. The stainless bodies are important because I have my machine shop thread these so they screw in just like the original mechanical injectors did. We then fabricate fuel delivery pipes to each injector using modern ethanol resistant hose. A fuel pressure regulator is also included. Normally we reuse the original fuel pumps, but if you are a carbureted car it will need the original pump replaced with a high pressure pump. All the necessary sensors are included as well: crankshaft trigger wheel, MAP sensor, coolant temp sensor, air temp sensor, knock sensor and ethanol content/fuel temperature sensor. Things like oil pressure, fuel pressure, oil temperature are optional. For cars that will see boost we recomend "colder" spark plugs and upgrading the ignition coils too. However we normally keep the distributor caps, rotors and wires. The 2V engine doesn't upgrade to coil on plug as cleanly as the 4V motors do.


On carbureted cars may need to disassemble the distributors, disable any mechanical ignition advance and reinstall them. Budget an extra $1000 in case that is necessary. We provide a complete custom wiring harness from the ecu to all the sensors and actuators. Normally we do not have to cut any stock wires so going back to original is always possible. We do have to drill one hidden hole in the trunk to route the wires to the ECU.

Price: $9,990.00

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