Ferrari Crank Trigger Ignition System

Note: product image shows a generic trigger wheel. This kit uses customized Ferrari specific trigger wheel that we attach (TIG weld) to your crank pulley, or you can purchase a new pulley with the wheel already attached.
Complete programmable stand alone ignition system for Ferrari Mondial, 308, and 328.
Shown installed on this turbocharged Ferrari Mondial 8.
This system  eliminates the troublesome (and expensive) Digiplex boxes. Unlike other aftermarket Ferrari ignition systems, this one keeps the stock coils for a more original look and is completely programmable via laptop (and has onboard diagnostics for easy troubleshooting). An on board 4 bar map sensor is standard so timing can be optimized for all load coditions (this is optional on other aftermarket systems). Intake air temp sensor, knock detonation sensor, electronic boost control, and wide band O2 sensor are optional.  Plus this system can be expanded to run electronic fuel injection. The system uses a 36-1 trigger wheel attached to the original crank pulley (you can send us your pulley in advance or we can modify one here and charge you a core deposit that is refunded when we get your good condition pulley back).
Installation is very easy: swap crank pulleys, mount the sensor and connect 9 wires. You do not have to cut or remove any stock wiring. It comes complete with a timing map installed (but we suggest verifying timing with a timing light).
It’s possible to run ignition and map sensor connections without drilling a hole in the trunk, but the additional wiring for EFI and sensors will probably require an additional hole for wire routing.
We are currently running this on our Project Mondial 8 at ATS Exotics. The results have been great. We were able to modify the timing map to better match our now turbocharged engine. The factory system has too much igntion advance for forced induction applications. With the correct igntion timing we were able to add more boost and make an additional 40whp!

Price: $2,199.00


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