CT16 - aka Sweet 16 Turbocharger for Gen4

Finally, a turbo upgrade for the Gen4 Caldina 3SGTE. The Gen4 3SGTE has become very popular for engine swaps. They offer many of the advantages of a Gen3, plus a few more like coil on plug ignition, top feed fuel rail, and side feed intake manifold. But they were burdened by a turbo with a small compressor wheel that struggles to hold boost at high rpm. Other shops have installed Gen3 exhaust manifolds and CT20B turbos and or t3/t4 turbos to increase horsepower, but that gives up the amazing spool of the stock CT15. ATS Racing brings you the CT16. Matching the latest in billet compressor wheel technology to the unique exhaust configuration of the CT15 turbocharger preserves the great spool of the stock turbo and provides a needed top end boost. 


We highly recommend Valvoline VR1 or an oil with a similar zinc content. Adding a zinc additive to your oil is not the same thing. 



Note: polished housing is not standard or included. It was used here as a prototype.

Compared to a stock CT15:


And of course the dyno pulls. Run 41 is the NEW CT16 aka Sweet 16 and run 51 is the stock CT15. We swapped turbos. NO OTHER CHANGES were made to the car or boost controller. Runs were made at a conservative peak boost level of 16 psi.


That is a 25whp gain peak to peak and a 32whp gain after the CT15 gives up the ghost. There is a tiny loss is spool from 3000-3500rpm, after that it's goodbye CT15, hello horsepower. We have since tested with E85 on this turbo and it made 356 to the wheels, on the stock actuator, and 404 at the wheels on the now available billet actuator.

Because of a lack of good cores these are currently being sold on exchange basis only. You have to ship us your CT15 for us to work the magic. If your turbine shaft is damaged or ceramic we can replace it with an Inconel turbine for an additional $100. UPDATE: We have a limited number of cores available. This means we can send you a Sweet 16 in advance and you'll send us back your old CT15. We charge a $400 deposit for this.  Core Return Form required for credit. See Core Notes.

We do only need the center section and compressor cover. Please remove the actuator, waterlines, and exhaust housing/manifold before shipment.

Price: $850.00

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