ATS Stealth Kit GT28RS/GT3071WG 300-400 horsepower

ATS Stealth Turbo Kit GT28RS/3071WG

MR2 and All-Trac owners have been searching for an upgraded turbocharger kit that develops higher horsepower and matches (or beats) stock spool.

Available with GT28RS, GT2871, GT3071WG Turbos, and GTX 60, 63, and 67 compressor upgrades.

The 3071WG option has a larger turbine wheel that is in between the standard GT28, and the external WG version of the GT3071.

All kits come with the .64A/R exhaust housing. We will not sell them with the larger and crappier .86A/R housing. Don't ask for one, they suck.

Update August 1, 2013 - added ATS Stealth Adapter


ATS  Stealth Turbo Kit installed



Dynojet 248C Results for GT28RS:

Dynojet 248C Results for GT3071WG vs. Stock CT26:


Price: $1,950.00

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