ATS TD06 20G 250-500 horsepower

Due to the weak dollar versus the yen the price of this turbo kit has gotten so high that you can get a GT3071R for the same price. The GT3071R spools faster and makes more power. It's a win-win!

ATS Racing TD06 Turbocharger Kit


ATS TD06 Kit shown with optional ceramic coated exhaust housing (+$85)

The TD06 20G is the most versatile turbocharger on the market for the Toyota MR2/Celica All-Trac. At low boost levels you'll swear it's a stock turbocharger, but turn the boost up and the difference in incredible. At 15 psi we typically see a 70 horsepower gain over the stock CT26. Dyno results shown here are on a near stock MR2 with stock exhaust, stock intercooler, etc. See link for additional TD06 dyno results below.

ATS TD06 16psi


More TD06 Dyno Charts

Each kit includes:

ATS turbocharger kits are shipped complete with all necessary attaching hardware and gaskets.

ATS TD06 Turbocharger Kit

Price: $2,100.00

(please call for purchase)

Optional: Ceramic Coated Exhaust Housing

Price: $85.00

Optional: Reroute wastegate dumptube back to downpipe - MR2 only

Not available at sale price

Price: $100.00

Optional: Reroute wastegate dumptube back to downpipe - ST185 All-Trac

Price: $250.00

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